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Innovative Disruptive Talent Engagement Solutions for the Savvy Employer


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A Partner You Can Trust

VJR Enterprises Is Not Your Ordinary Consulting Agency. We are the leading diversity talent management firm in the U.S. We advise clients how to create, foster, and institutionalize inclusive workplace cultures. We value innovative thinking and encourage challenging the status quo. With a distinctive approach, we provide insight driven new age solutions to smartly disrupt the traditional way organizations attract, develop, and retain diverse talent. We create cultures that promote entrepreneurial authenticity which in turn produces results. 


We are the premier talent management solution experts for both public and private institutions, positioning our clients as socially conscious drivers of meaningful change.

Helping You Invest in Your People & Invest in Yourself. Given our deep passion for the advancement of others, we not only advise institutions on how to think differently and bravely about talent management, we also work closely with private clients by giving them the tools they need to become the best version of themselves.

With a Simple Mission. We strive to be the premier talent management solution experts for progressive institutions and professionals.


And a Compelling Vision. We endeavor to create inspiring, innovative, and influential leaders that elevate, enrich, and empower the next generation of leaders.


Calvin Murphy, CEO, B. Nathaneil Bespoke

Last year we lost a very special member  of our team to cancer. The loss took a major toll on staff and morale. We needed a breath of fresh air to bring life back to our business. VJR Enterprises put together an inspiring and motivating team engagement strategy  that continues to set the tone of how our employees show up to work and how we define teamwork, and more importantly family at the office. Our staff is more engaged then ever before and our sales reflect our new culture . We will definitely use VJR Enterprises again in the future. Thank you for reminding us of how important it is to invest in our people.

Richard Andujar, CFA, Merrill Lynch

Thank you for coaching me. Working with you gave me an opportunity to make changes that capture the essence of the value proposition that my personal brand and human capital can bring to the table. I've grown so much in our short time together and look forward to sharing the success stories that your efforts will bring.

Nancy Rhodes, Property Manager, One Grove

Thank you  so much to  Victoria and the team for helping us attract more diverse tenants.  We wanted to make sure our residents reflected the diverse community we serve  and we couldn't have done it without your amazing resident acquisition strategy and leadership throughout executing the strategy.  We learned so much about recruitment and more importantly how to create an environment that  welcomes diverse people to stay long term. We loved working with you and the team! 

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