Tax Life As An Entrepreneur Webinar

Tuesday, March 5th



 turning your hobby into a business, and your side hustle into multiple income streams.

BUT then...

Tax Season hits and you realize you now owe Uncle Sam aka the IRS major funds.

Hi, I'm Victoria Jenn, an award winning Entrepreneur, who after spending 15 years in Corporate America, turned her side hustle into a 6 figure+ business.

 I've saved THOUSANDS in taxes and I want to show you how I managed to pay the least in taxes so I can reap the most from my hard earned money. Learn my strategies and tips to SAVE this tax season on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at 8:00pm EST. 




Picture this, you finally get the courage to start your business, investing so much time, money, and effort into making your dreams come true. You begin to accrue major business expenses. You have some money coming in due to family and friends supporting you. You even get to work with some big clients. Things are not where you want them to be or maybe they are looking up, and then

tax season comes...

You're in trouble. You start to realize some of your mistakes, or worse don't know what you don't know about the tax process. You wish you would have known how to itemize your expenses, understood what you could write off, deductions you qualified for, or what would happen if your business incurred a loss. 

Let's face it, who wants to start a business to go broke? Especially go broke due to taxes? Not me and not you! The dream is to make money, on your terms, your way, so you can live a life you love. 

This webinar is for you if...

  1. You are struggling with understanding how to manage your money as an entrepreneur

  2. You need strategies you can implement immediately to avoid the common mistakes entrepreneurs make during tax season

  3. You have no time to figure things out on your own and rather spend your time making money

  4. You are are a part time or full time entrepreneur

  5. You are thinking of starting a business over the next 6 months 


  • The top three strategies I use to SAVE BIG during tax season 

  • The systems I use today to track my personal vs business income and expenses

  • Why Bookkeepers and Accountants are your best friends in business

  • Why I changed by business structure from an LLC to an S Corp 

  • How contributing to a retirement plan can make or break you as an entrepreneur

*BONUS* Can't join the LIVE webinar? No worries. A replay of the webinar will be shared with everyone who signs up so you can check it out on your time and also cross reference in the future.


I'm sharing all my insider tips. 


Tuesday, March 5th at 8:00pm EST

*Please note I am not a certified accountant. I am teaching you what I have learned on my entrepreneur journey and my experience with my accountant.

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